Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Introduction Before The Meaty Stuff

So, blogosphere, I've began a blog. And, yes, I know it's so very 2002, but no matter. I'm an opinionated person who lives under a rock and needs some place to vent. So, let's get one with it:

I am Ani Lark Morn. I like:

girls in white dresses with red satin sashes
art that isn't modern
henna designs
writing, writing, writing

animals, mostly the cuddly variety
the ocean

summer sports
Jim Croce
The Beatles
vintage fashion
Katherine Hepburn
Cary Grant

bright colors
old Polaroids
my mediocre vinyl collection
the smell of sandalwood
hot tea
Mary Pickford films
Nickolodeon shows
that part of concerts where everyone pull out their cell phones
and being content.

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