Thursday, July 16, 2009


Moving On...

At 5:15 yesterday morning, with Alexander's cat and three suitcases in tow, Sarah left town, leaving me standing in the middle of an airport terminal watching the last connection to Us Three catch a plane out of my life. I hugged her outside of the gate, kissed her cheek, and then turned away and didn't look back.

And it's that just what life is, too? Not looking back.

It's sad now to think of all these wonderful, ecstatic, passionate, heartbreaking things we did together and I'm the last one in town to pass by those places we frequented and smile at the memories. In a city that so feeds our nostalgia, I'm the only one still partaking of the meal. There were good times and I'm sad to see both of them go. It's weird to watch the people who were, for a brief period of time, your entire world leave and start making new worlds far away and complete absent of you.

Still, I think I'm good. When I climbed back into the car with Sarah's mother and drove back to the empty apartment, void of most of her things, I thought I was going to cry but I didn't. In a way, I'm ready. I'm ready to leave the part of them that was Us Three in the past, and have that time be nothing more than sweet nostalgia.

Us Three was nice, but I think moving on is nicer.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

People Who Amaze Me #1

Rick Hansen. He’s a Canadian Paraplegic athlete who in the mid 80s did an around-the-world tour to raise awareness for those with spinal cord injuries—The Man in Motion Tour.

Try and say that’s not awesome.